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Monday, March 21, 2011

Bad Bob

When I work for Sam Wilson, he owned Bob Acre Doc.  Bob was not a big horse but he was cowy and quick as all get out!   I have seen Sam with his boots dragging in the dirt when Bob worked.  Now that is impressive, until you realize that Bob was only about 14 hands tall and Sam was about 6’5”.  Still, Bob was a cow eating machine.  He really threw some good babies too.  Almost all of them were as cowy as he was, heck there were a couple that looked just like him. 

One of these was a horse we called “Bad Bob”.  Ya, I know…real original.  Bad Bob was not very big, he maybe stood 12-12.5 hands as a two year old.  But boy could he buck!  Don’t get me wrong, he couldn’t buck hard….he was just really quick!   When I started them in the round pen he out quicked me and dumped me into the dirt 4 times in a row (which is a fancy way of saying “he buck me off”).  He used to buck so fast that you felt like you were sitting on a fence post!  He would stick his head so far down between his front legs that you couldn’t see his head or his tail from the saddle!  He bucked out onto the concrete with me once, I was afraid to pull his head up and afraid to let him continue to buck!  I think it scared both of us!   I could just see him slipping down on the concrete, with me under him!  He bucked with me every day!  The other guys used to line up on the fence when I was going to get on, you never saw so much hootin’ and hollerin’.  To my recollection it felt like he was in training for 1000 days, but was probably only about 60.

One of Sam’s customers bought him and to my disappointment kept him there for us to get ready for the futurity.  Of course he did one thing that I liked, he gelded ol’ Bad Bob!  Now I took great advantage of that and only gave him one day off.  Turns out that was the only day he didn’t buck with me.  Oh, he wanted to….but was just way to sore.  I left there before futurity, so I don’t know if Bad Bob turned into any kind of a cuttin’ horse…..I just remember him as being a really quick bucker!

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