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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Burning of the Outhouse

Probably a lot fancier than I remember Bummy's
This story about my Grandpa Dennee, comes from my Dad.  We called him Bummy, which I have mentioned in a couple of other stories.  I sorta remember this outhouse and don’t know why Grandma fussed so much about it.  It was always painted a nice shade of blue with white trim.  But then, maybe I was an uncouth little kid!??!!?  So without further words, here’s Dad.

“My father-in-law was a jack of all trades. One of his many talents was being able to set a fire to burn off the ditches on his irrigated farm. He would throw a kitchen match on dry grass going 18 mph on his tractor. Most of the time this worked great and he never burned anything except what he want to. One time though, in the early spring, when the roadsides had lots of big grass, he set a fire to it and it jumped the ditch and created a big ol’ catastrophe for him!