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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Weight Loss and Peter

About a month ago I had my annual checkup with Dr. Doogie.  The most exciting thing that occurred was traveling to a different part of Houston to go to his office.  My GPS’ll Dee-vise that led me down there had me doing so many twists and turns, that I could not tell which direction was north.  (Too many buildings and too much concrete)  But, it did get me down there and back home.  So I can’t complain too much about the insidious GPS’ll dee-vice.

While there we (Doogie and I) covered most of the basics…blood work, blood pressure and such.  We talked about how my family was doing and how his family was doing.  All this time I was thinking about some visits in previous years and how I had not received the dreaded finger test in a few of years.  I was thinking surely he wanted to go down that road.  Thankfully, no…he was pretty much done!

The only thing he asked me to do was watch my diet and lose some weight.  He said he would like me to lose 15 pounds in the next year.  I said, “no problem, I oughta be able to do that in a few months”