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Monday, February 27, 2012

How to Graduate from High School

Another story from my Dad (Jere Johnson)….wisdom (???) in his own words.

My dad owned a nice sorrel mare. She had a nice colt and I named him Brandy.  He was given to me and Dad told me I could have him, if I would break him.  It seemed like an eternity before he would ever grow old enough to ride. When he was a long yearling, I got him up and went to messing with him.  

The first thing I did with him, I guess you would call pre-ride training. You know, saddle, drive, and desensitize him.  This went off without a hitch.  Well, I thought the next step was the harness.  I got to thinking about my mule driving days and decided I didn’t want a repeat of that (The mule driving didn’t go well at all.).

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shopping and Kids

Yesterday I went shopping with my wife and two daughters.  The girls are being inducted into the National Junior Honor Society and needed some new clothes.  Seems like everything they do nowadays, they need new clothes for the occasion.  As I trailed them through the store, I really tried to be interested.  But it is kinda hard when their taste in clothes is so drastically different than mine.  I am a boots and jeans guy and dressing up means I starched the shirt and jeans.  Felicia and the girls were talking about slacks (I thought that was what you pitched when you roped a calf!?!?!) and looking at flouncy shirts.  They asked me about some of them, but stopped asking when I started telling them how low cut I thought the shirts were….to be honest, my wife is pretty conservative too, and our girls don’t wear anything that is too low.  But, I am the overprotective Daddy and I want everything buttoned up high and tight!

All of this got me to thinking about what my life is has been to this point.  I live in a sea of estrogen. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Insert Evil Laugh Here

If you look up overprotective in the dictionary, here is what you will find.

Not really, but I wish it was.  See I think that God has given me the two most beautiful daughters in the world.  And I am highly suspicious of all boys, because I was one, and most are just like I was.  They may not act on it, but they do think it!  I will need to protect them from guys like me.  That’s a pretty scary prospect!  I will know exactly what every boy that comes around is thinking, they don’t stand a chance.  If you want to beat your enemy, you must understand how they think…..I think I have that covered!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sour Wine and A Cowboy

If you have read anything of mine you know who my bride, Felicia, is and how I feel about her.  I think she is the greatest thing (other than my salvation) to happen to me.  She works on my heart and makes me want to become a better man.  She has told me in the past, and I quote her words, “I’d better not find myself in that blog of yours!”  But sometimes that wild cowboy comes out in me and there ain’t no containing what might happen.  Now, I’ll not supply any details that might embarrass her…just them that might tickle your funny bone.