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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

MD Anderson – Update / Chemo #5

Sorry this has been so long getting out there, but time flys!  Chemo number 5 kicked Felicia around a little.  She was sick and weak, probably for the first time felt like she just couldn’t move.  Her Mom got on the phone with the doctor and he said it sound like her body was just wore out.  He decided it would be best to give her another week off to recover.  Which seems to have worked well, because today she acted like she felt pretty good.  We registered the girls for school today and then Shirley and Felicia took them shoe shopping.  (I dodged a bullet on that one!) 
She will probably be wore out by the time they get home, but I think she will have fun!   The last chemo is on 8/15/11, and then it’s celebration time until she starts the radiation.
All in all, God has been good.  I have been blessed with a trooper of a wife who has hung in there with a good attitude.  You can't ask for more than that!

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