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Friday, March 16, 2012

Suppository Writing

Some time back my daughters had a “bring your parents to school day”.  My kids didn’t want me to go, they are always afraid that I will do something that might embarrass them; I don’t know where they get that?!?!  I would have shown up like I normally dress, tall boots and my hat…..but, that is ok.  At some point all kids are embarrassed by their parents.  All that said, their teacher taught the parents something that night, which led to last night at our house.  The girls have been on spring break, which makes this so unusual (in my point of view).  I would not have been caught dead doing something like this when I was their age.  They were doing some….school work!  I know, I know….highly unusual, but we were not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.  Until I found out it was homework for me.  It turns out it is a way for the kids to teach their parents what they learned (relearned?) on the “bring your parents day”.  I felt a little like I was in England.  They were speaking my language, but the words didn’t mean the same things.  They were talking about pillers and suppository writing. 

When Faith asked me if I knew what a piller is, I said “that's what I lay my head on at night.”  I really don’t have any idea why there was a need to write about them.  But I was willing to participate.  So I told Faith that we had four on our bed and they each had a couple.  There were also a couple little ones on the couch.  She just rolled her eyes! 

The next thing was on narrative writing.  I know this one, its telling a story!  HA!  Then she started telling me all the requirements.  Whoa, now….I thought it was just telling a story?  Turns out there are all kinds of requirements.  I think this is the one that can only cover a five minute time frame.  Missed on this one too.

She then moved on to suppository writing.  I don’t know why anyone would want to write about these either.  But like I said, I was willing to help.  So I launched into what I would like to think is a well thought out commentary on suppositories.  I told her that it is best to put them in the freezer, they just don’t work so well if they are warm.  Also, there are different kinds that do different things.  It just depends on the issue at hand…so to speak.  After my five minute rendition…she just rolled her eyes, again!

My teachers would probably roll their eyes too, if they saw this.  I’m sure I was taught some of it, but being the student I was back then….my eyes just glazed over.   Faith explained what all of this really means, the narrative and expository writing and what a pillar is used for.  It brought to mind the last time I "helped" them with thier school work.
But it was too much fun to tease her about what I thought I heard.  So all of this was written tongue in cheek, unless you’re talking suppositories.  Who wants that in their cheek?  To be honest for all the good they do, you might as well stick them in your behind.


  1. bahahaha!!!

    You nailed it!! (No pun intended)

    1. thanks for the publicity! Glad you enjoyed it!