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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gunfight at the 3 Cross Corral

Some stories are just flat out funny….despite the circumstances!  Awhile back the church got broken into and some things were stolen, we had people from a neighborhood behind us cutting across the church property to use the driveway….just some things that were happening.  Well during Sunday School one morning one of the men (who shall remain nameless) told us this little story and I added some artistic license.

The un-named church member had a bad day a work, the traffic was bad coming home….he was not in a good mood.  As he drove by the church, he noticed what appeared to him to be, in the dark, a really tall man standing by the AC unit.  He drove on by and got to thinking about the break-in and such….and all of the sudden it just hit him wrong!  He was mad, here was a church and someone was trying to steal the AC!  So he reached under his seat and grabbed his pistol, turned around and headed back toward the church.  He was not putting up with this anymore….there was a burning righteous anger in his eye!  Ok, it wasn’t a righteous anger, but he was mad!

He drove into the church and eased over behind the church.  He had noticed how big this guy was and hoped he could just scare him but thought he had better be prepared to at least shoot him in the leg.  He snuck up to the corner by the AC, heart pounding ready for anything.  He had visions in his mind of the cop shows where they jump out and yell freeze, but his heart was thumping so loud he thought the guy could hear it and the yell wouldn’t matter!  He ran through several scenarios in his mind from the guy running away, to bullets flying everywhere in a flat out gunfight at the 3 Cross Corral.  He poked his head around the corner and ………


The preachers wife at one time came into possession of a suit of armor, I’m talking about seven feet tall…full blown suit.  She taught at a couple of Christian schools and it followed her to both.  When she retired, she thought it would just stay at the school….not so.  The gal at the primary school was cleaning out and returned it to her….not to her house, though.  She had her husband bring it by the church and put it between the buildings, next to the AC unit.  So it stood there…for a few days….


As the un-named church member realized who this tall man was and his heart slowed; he realized he hadn’t need to commit injury or murder….he gave thanks to the Lord for guiding him those final steps and asked forgiveness for those rash “shootout” thoughts. 

For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.

Proverbs 2:6

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