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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wrestlin’ a Super Ninja Tick

My parents were dorm parents at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch, just outside of Amarillo (only in Texas is 40 miles, “just outside of somewhere) and that’s where I graduated.  I wasn’t anything spectacular, just average.  In a class of 26, I think I was about 11th or so.  I played football for a while, but I wasn’t much more than a scrub.  I was a six foot, 145 pound lineman…and a bad one at that. 

Boys’ Ranch, when I was there, did not do well in team sports.  Mostly due to the fact that most of the boys that were there spent a lot of their lives thinking of themselves….now don’t get me wrong.  For most of them, if they weren’t thinking of themselves….no one else was.  It was a form of defense.  All of this made team sports difficult, BUT wrestling!  That is where Boys Ranch tore it up!  They always had a good wrestling team.

I say all of this to tell a little story of my experience with a Super Ninja Tick.  There was a guy in my Dad’s dorm named Jammer (he was always getting into jams and you know how nicknames are…).  Now Jammer was probably 110 pounds soaking wet, but as I remember it he was a pretty decent wrestler.

Jammer could always talk a bunch of trash, one day I got to the point that I had enough.  I thought he needed a good whupping and I was the one to give it to him.  Don’t get me wrong, I liked Jammer, but boy he had a mouth on him!  Also consider that with him only weighing 110 pounds I was probably 35 pounds heavier and at least a foot taller, so I thought this would be a pretty short match….and I was right!

As we squared off in front of the dorm in what was intended to be a friendly little wrestling match, I was again struck by how short he was and how much heavier I was and I thought again….this was going to be pretty short match (again…I was right!).

We locked up and all of the sudden I was laying on the ground with this little rascal on top of me.  In my mind this was all going pretty slow; I thought “how did that happen?   No problem, I will just muscle him around so that I am back on top”.  (Like I had been on top at any point!)  After struggling a little more, I was laying on my belly with a terrible pain in my leg and his foot up by my head.  As I lay there trying to catch my breath, I thought how familiar that boot looked…then it hit me….that was my boot and somehow it was bent over my back and locked into position by my ear!  Again, I thought…”HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?”  At various times during our match I was twisted up like a pretzel and had arms and legs bent into positions that I had no idea they would go.  At one point I was staring at my left hand thinking that the thumb was on the wrong side…when I realized that my whole hand was on the wrong side!  How in the world did he get my left hand into a position that if my thumb had been where my pinky was…it would have been my right hand?

We scrambled around there for 10-15 minutes, and I say “we” very loosely.  It was mostly me gruntin’ and strainin’….and him latched on like the Super Ninja Tick!  I had no chance against Jammer.  Turns out he could mostly back up his trash talkin’… least when I came to me!

Because I was taller and heavier I got caught up in trash talking with Jammer.  He had all the knowledge of what we were trash talking about….and as it turns out…I had none of it!

Aren’t we all just a little like that?  Talkin’ without thinkin’?  I know I am, there are times when the Holy Spirit is just saying, “Hey cowboy….shut your pie hole for a while, just listen!”  I’m pretty sure that is why God gave us two ear holes and one mouth hole!


“Don’t keep speaking so arrogantly, letting proud talk come out of your mouth!  For the LORD is a God who knows; he evaluates what people do.”

1 Samuel 2:3

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