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Monday, November 15, 2010

On My Hands and Knees, Staring at Puke...

There's an attention getting title!  As life changes around you and I guess we change with it, there are just certain things I never thought I would be doing!  To preface my night/early morning I will say that I used to be a sympathetic puker.  See it, hear it or smell it...I was participating.

Early this morning, 3AM to be exact, we heard that sound that no parent can't help but to spring out of bed and run down the hall.  I, of course, am talking about one of your kids getting sick.  I have often wondered why alarm clock companies don't record that and attach it to an alarm clock?  No one would ever be late again, no parents anway!  I digress, I flipped the lights on in the hall and saw Faith standing there puking....which is some better because she used to try to run to the bathroom, which leads to a trail.  Ugh!  Felicia, immediately starts to gag........dang my cast iron stomach!   So, I'm on my hands and knees staring at the mess I get to clean up.  I say "I" because if Felicia had to clean it up there would be twice a much!   And as I listened to Felicia, from the other room, ask if I need anything (someone else do clean it up would be nice!) I started to wonder how I got from being a sympathetic puker to the clean-up guy?

I mean, at what point did this happen?  Surely it was not over night?  If I had to guess I would say it happened almost 13 years ago.  When my kids where born everything changed.  I went from being tough, no cry guy to the guy that would cry at any old sad movie (besides Ol' Yeller and Rooster Cogburn, I always cried at those).  Man, I hate that.  Ain't it funny how kids can change a man, or maybe kids should change a man!  The bible says we cleave from our parents when we get married, but another change is when we have kids.  Something about seeing those tiny little girls when they were born changed what was inside me, made me ultra protective (though I do dread the dating time, going to have to beat up so many boys!).  I guess it also turned me into the clean-up guy.  Not the title I would have wanted if I was a superhero, but its hand me the clorox cleanup and the papertowels......

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