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Monday, May 16, 2011

MD Anderson - The Hair Is Gone

All this past week, Felicia’s hair has been coming out.  It started out as a strand here and there, but quickly got to the point that everytime she turned around she was picking up hair.  At one point on Saturday, we were sitting on her parents back porch, I looked over and she was pulling it out in chunks!  So, Sunday she asked me to clip her hair.

I have joked with her all along about shaving designs, but when it came down to it….we just shaved it off.  Losing her hair has never bothered Felicia, but this is the lady that used to try and color her own hair.  I remember one time she was trying to put some blonde in, but it came out yellow.  I’m talking about comic book super hero yellow!  So to try to tone that down, she added some brown…it came out green!  No big deal to her though…she went to work two days like that before she could get in and get the color corrected.  She said that it taught her that being a hairdresser is not her career path!  (I could have told her that, she cut my hair ONCE!  After the 3rd or 4th oops, I said “I have a hat, we are done”).

Anyway, we shaved her head….my biggest fear was hurting her head with the guard!  I felt like I was shaving a porcelain angel!  She just seemed so delicate to me, but being the trooper that she is she gave me good directions as to what she wanted done and was ready to move on.  The girls both felt her head afterward and that was that!

She is still the same beautiful woman I married; she just has less hair than me!  God has truly blessed me with a strong woman as my wife and I am thankful!

I did offer to shave my head, to show support, she again said “no, I have seen your head!”  Alicia offered to shave hers too, but she was hoping for a “no thanks” answer.  Faith said “Mommy I love you, but I’m just not into the whole bald head thing!”    My kids are funny.

I have given my porcelain angel to God.  He has her in his hands and all is going according to HIS plan!  Our job is to trust God!

Psalm 9:1-2
I will give thanks to you, LORD, with all my heart;
I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.
I will be glad and rejoice in you;
I will sing the praises of your name, O Most High.


  1. I have tears in my eyes but they are happy tears as I know things well turn out just fine. You have great love in your family and lots of wonderful support around you.

  2. I love you two and your girls too. Y'all are good for my heart.