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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Hang Up

One problem with telling stories about others is that most of the time what happens to you, is usually funnier that what happens to others.  Now I’ll be honest, I have had a good laugh at my friends and family.  But, to be semi-fair, I have to tell on myself a little once in a while.
About a month ago my father-in-law bought one of those things that you hang upside down in for his back.  I think it is called a “Hang Up”, or some such thing.  He had been using it and just raving about how much better his back felt.  Heck, he said he was even taller!  Now it had peeked my interest because my back had been bothering me as well, I had just not taken the time to even look at it…let alone try it out!

So, they go out of town and Felicia sends me over to get a deposit slip or something.  Into their office I go and there it is the answer to all of my back problems, a magic pill if you will.  So the first thought on my mind was to try this bad boy out.  Keep in mind I had just come up from the barn and am still wearing my boots and my hat.  So I removed my boots (didn’t want to get any manure on the new toy!) and stepped into the abyss (that’s what I like to call it now!).  Usually I only read the instructions for something if I get into a bind, and I had been paying attention when the father-in-law was explaining how to get it to lay over.  So, I thought this would be a piece of cake…spend a couple of minutes trying it out and then make sure I spend more time later on (if I like it).
My feet go into the foot thingy’s (I’m pretty sure that is the technical term for them) and I raise my hand just a little.  That feeling you get just before you lose your balance hits me, but I ignored it and pushed through.  Next thing I know that thing has flipped me over and I am looking at the ceiling!  Once that second little moment of losing your balance had passed, and I had gathered my wits and my hat…I thought that this wasn’t too bad.  So I “hung” around there for a few minutes, at least till my nose starting plugging up and then I thought I had better get back over to my house (I had been sent over to the in-laws on a mission, ya know!)
Now I had not heard any instructions on how to stand this thing back up, but to me it stood to reason that you should be able to “right the ship” the same way it went over.  To make it go over, you raise your hands toward your head.  No, problem….to make it stand back up, you should move your hands toward your feet…..right?  HA and again, I say HA!   That dad gum thing never moved.  Well crud, now here I am standing on my head, with my nose plugged and my eyes starting to blur…wondering how the heck you get out of this thing?   I can’t undo my feet; all my weight is hanging from them.  Besides that, I didn’t really want to fall on my head. At this point my ears are starting to ring, to go along with not being able to breathe or see….yay!  This is fun! 
It was probably only 15 minutes total, but I felt like I had been hanging there for hours!  How the heck am I going to get back up?  I finally reached up and grabbed hold of the handles (with all the blood flowing into my arms, even this was s struggle!) and started pulling.  I was able to right the ship, but had to stand there for several minutes to keep my head from spinning around!   Doggone that was fun….I can’t wait to do that again!
I learned when you are hanging upside down, with your nose plugged, your eyes blurring and ear ringing….that is not the time to decide to read the instructions!

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