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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fireball in the Kitchen

In the tradition of rednecks everywhere, here is a guest post/story from my nephew Clay.   (he of Redneck Bobsled fame).  It seems all boys get into alot of trouble when left to thier own devices.  Kinda levels the world out, knowing that this is something that probably will never change.

It all started off as a normal summer day.  Tom, Will, Clint and I were looking for something to do.  We searched up and down for something to do… we even thought of ideas, but never went with them of course they all took too much effort.  So as we sat around in the heat.  We kind of had a past with fire and had been discipline prior to this but there was just one idea we couldn’t resist.

Clint brought this idea to our minds, it was to melt a candle and pour water on it and make a fireball.  Clint and Will waited outside while Tom and I investigated what his mom was doing to see if we could make this happen!  Sure enough she was on the computer and there was no way she was getting off.  So we proceeded to find an old candle that Tom did not think she would need any more and we began to find a pan. 

Then the process began, we melted the candle and in what seemed like an hour (which in reality was probably only 5 minutes) into the melting process it started to stink.  So we decided it was melted enough and it was time to carry it outside.  While hurrying, Tom grabbed the pan and began to run.  The moisture in the air was so much that it caught the pan on fire.  Tom stopped hard and the fiery wax spilled on to the floor catching some of the carpet on fire.  I stomped it out (everyone’s first instinct for a fire is to put it out by water… not in this case!  Water was BAD!!!).   HaHaHa (well it seems funny now!)  Tom ran to the sink and turned the facet on and it made a fire ball.  We had all intended to make the fireball, only outside, not inside his kitchen.  Which then caught the curtains on fire and the pan didn’t go out!  The curtains went up fast and I grabbed the spray gun on the facet and sprayed the curtains out!  Tom ran into the other room, where his mom sat on the computer without knowing anything was going on,  and told his mom in the most calm voice “the kitchen is on fire”.  She screamed “WHAT!”  Jumped up and ran into the kitchen, but saw the damage really wasn’t that bad… I mean the curtains where burned along with a little bit of the carpet and some of the wood behind the curtains!  Clint and Will still didn’t know any of this was happening until I ran out of the house as fast as I could and told them.  The best part of this story was Mrs. Hilton was looking for new curtains anyway!  Mrs. Hilton called my father, who came to pick us up and heard the whole story when he got there.  Needless to say we didn’t go around there for a few weeks.  But Mrs. Hilton still would claim us as her other sons!!!!  Now we all laugh about the story, not so much then!!!

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