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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

These Are My People

It has been a while since I posted, but I have a good excuse....I know, I know....excuses are like armpits, everybody has a couple and they all stink.  But I know mine must be a good one!  So here it is, our mundane little trip to Vegas!

Felicia and I  left for Vegas, on December the 4th, in the wee hours of the morning!  This was kind of a celebration for the year Felicia has had.  Cancer, chemo and radiation...all whupped by the grace of God!  I couldn't have been prouder of my bride with the way she handled all of this!

But, I digress....this is about our Vegas trip.  Sunday we arrived, got our car and went directly to the Cowboy Christmas show.  If you've never been, it's basically a trade show on crack.  Anyway, once we were done there we decided to head to our hotel.  Only problem was the Strip was shut down for a marathon!  (who plans something like this on one of the 10 busiest days of the year in Vegas?)  We couldn't get acrossed it anywhere!  So after many hours of driving (literally) trying to get far enough out of town to cross the the dadgum thing....we gave up.  Parked at a hotel across the street and walked over to check in.  We went back later that night and picked the car up.

Monday night we went to the ACA awards.  We have never been and probably will never be again, so it was pretty cool to attend.  What's funny about this is we sat next to the Ellis's (Craig Campbells' in-laws...he was up for an award for "Family Man") and it turns out they were from Loveland and bought hay from my grandpa years ago.  It's a small world....

Tuesday day was casino site seeing, trade shows and a Vegas show that night.  And Wednesday was our NFR night.  We sat in the last row, I think I could touch the roof if I had stood up and stretched just a little.  BUT, at the NFR, there are no bad seats!  It was awesome!  Everyone in thier lifetime should go to the NFR at least once, if not more!  The one thing that really got to me was the Pearl Harbor Day honors that the NFR did.  I have been to football games and other events and when the national anthem is played, there are people still talking...hats still one, just a lot of disrespect from my point of view.  When the Southwest Navy Band played each military branch's song everyone stood and cheered.  When the national anthem was played, I took a peek around and as far as I could see (and being in the last row, I could see a lot of the arena) everyone was standing and there was not one hat on a head!  It made me pretty proud to say, "Cowboys, these are my people!"  Respect your country, respect those willing to go and protect it!

lookin at the arena!

That's right...the roof!

All in all, we really had a good time!  Just can't wait until we go again!

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  1. Cory, just remember that the only real difference between a really great reason and a bad excuse is if you are telling it or listening to it!