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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

BB gun wars and paintball....

It has come to my mind lately (as I get older) how much my body and level of pain tolerance has changed.  I seem to get sick more often and falling off of a horse causes more pain than it is worth sometimes.  I think back to my childhood...way back, well not soo far back....

When we lived in Higbee, Colorado there were some friends of Cully and I's that we used to run all over those canyons with.  There wasn't much we didn't do from rock wars to BB gun wars (try that nowadays and child protective services would be at your door asking what kind of parent you are...letting your kids throw rocks!).  I don't ever remember getting hurt or even anyone getting an eye put out.  We had one TV channel on good days, so we spent all of our time outside.  You learned things about yourself and your friends, like how far they could throw.  Seemed like we couldn't be hurt!

Fast forward a few years....maybe 35 or so.  I took our youth group paintballing (all boys, who would have thought girls were not that interested in paint ball?).  Turns out the girls had the right idea...IT HURT!  The first omen was when the boys showed up in long sleeve, thick shirts....I had on a t-shirt.  The boys asked if I was going to wear a jacket....what for?  Its the middle of the summer?  Then, at check in, they issued us face masks and we had to sign a release....(looking back, you would think I should have caught all the signs).  Once we started and I got shot the first time (hit me in the leg...had jeans there...thought "this ain't so bad").  Then the onslaught came, started getting hit in the upper body, once in the throat and once in an area that left me groaing on the ground.  O joy!  Isn't this fun!   Later that night after getting home, Felicia started counting all of the round bruises...seems I got hit a lot more than I remember...sure was sore for the next couple of days!

Ok, maybe the BB gun wars were a little dangerous...but they didn't hurt near as much as the paintball.  Maybe they did and I don't remember it....memory is slipping a little too!

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