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Friday, October 15, 2010

Moth Balls Are Terrible Breath Mints....

Back when my kids were just starting to walk, my wife had job function that required her to be out of town every other week for about 3 months.  So my kids (twin girls) had a lot of Daddy time.  My first reaction was one of a little bit of fear.....alone, by myself....with 2 year olds!?!?!  How could she...but I got over that pretty fast (I do like being a Dad).  So, on with the moth ball story...

One night we had just finished supper and Faith, the oldest, came to me and said "I no like candy".  Well the first thing I noticed was the bad breath, I'm talking dead dragon, 15 feet is way to close breath!   Then I thought where did she get candy?  Then noticed the white thing in her mouth and had her spit out out into my hand.  When it hit my hand, it dawned on me what it was....panic!  Is she poisoned, do I need to get to the hospital now.....what to do first?  I called my sister-in-law, who is a pharmacy tech and is our all knowing when it comes to meds, and she called poison control.  Never thought of that....note to self: write that number down.  She immediately called me back and said not to panic.....ha, to late!  Turns out, while not good for you and can make you sick, moth balls will not kill you!  But where did she get it.....duh, I had put them under the house (we had a mouse problem and they don't like the smell either).  I must have dropped one or Faith crawled under the house, either way she had it in her mouth!  Thank God, she was ok! 

I guess there are two lessons to be learned here:

1.  Always pay attention to what your kids put in their mouths.
2.  Moth balls are terrible breath mints.

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