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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Time Flys When You Are Having Fun

Turned 43 today.  How did I end up this old?  There are some milestones I remember.....

When I was 10, couldn't wait to turn 16.  That seemed like the best age, you were old enough to ge a drivers license.  When I was 18, couldn't wait to turn 21.  Well, you should know that reason.  When I was 26, had a huge problem with being almost 30.  I will say, this was probably one of my best years (other than the problem with 30).  It was the year I came to know my savior, Jesus Christ!  When I was 31, my girls were born.  Now I'm 43.  When did this happen? 

I still see myself as being young, still don't see myself as an older gentleman.  But there are signs, I have noticed all of the 3rd-5th grade kids that I taught in sunday school, are now starting to get married.  My neice (she was our first kid) is now 21 and going to college, seems like yesterday she was one and up to her elbows in a cooler full of ice at our wedding.  Yesterday, or so it seems in my mind, I carried my girls out of the delivery room and they fit from my hand to my elbow.  Now Faith is as tall as her mother and Alicia is not far behind.  Felicia and I recently celebrated our 20th anniversary, I still feel like a newlywed (I prefer to think she does too).  I guess if you were paying attention, there were some years that passed.

All this to say....Time flys when your having fun!

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