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Thursday, October 14, 2010

I thought I married for money......

Why would anyone write a blog?  Being slightly computer illiterate, one would wonder why me, what would I have to offer? 

I started the first one as way to communicate to my customers on the progress of their horses.  After doing this a couple of times, I started wanting to expound (big word there) on what I was writing.  Not just the details of the ride, but my personal veiws on life and some stories I lived in my past.  Then I thought "who would read it?"  Then my ego kicked in and said "does it matter?"  So ego won out and I decided that I would start another blog.  So if your reading this, be prepared for just about anything (PG rated, usually) that crosses my mind.  Its possible I will write about my life now or sometimes something that has happened in the past (once the statute of limitations has run out).  I will continue my other blog, Cory Johnson Horsemanship, since it is the tool for communicating to some of my customers.

Gosh.....sounds like my ego is huge.....

The title....The Life and Times of a Cowboy Who Married Up.  I believe I married up.  My wife is a beautiful, intelligent woman, I have no idea why she married me.  I only asked her 7 times, so I guess she got tired and gave in.  We laugh, now, about one of the first times I saw her....big Texas hair, ring on every finger.....she looked like she oozed money.  So I said to myself, "self, you gotta get to know her" and myself said "that's a really good idea".  But college was a lot of fun for me....A LOT OF FUN.  You can read into that what you want.  It took me a long time to get to the point where if I didn't treat her right, she was gone.  So I asked her to marry me (she thought it was the booze talking and said no).  But, I am persistant....I just kept asking, until she gave in.  She says now, that next time she is marrying for money.  Ha, I thought I did this time.  Turns out Daddy breaks the plate and you have to make it on your own....whoda thunk it!

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